by Mass Solo Revolt

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This is the record that put Mass Solo Revolt on the map.


released June 1, 2008

Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Drums and Some Guitar on Track 1 recorded by Andy Baker at The Bakery in Athens, GA



all rights reserved


Mass Solo Revolt East Tawas, Michigan

Find more info by google searching Mass Solo Revolt... duh.

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Track Name: EASY MARK
You raised a fist in the air,

gave the briefest sideways glare...

Then smiled with crooked teeth.

You claimed you had the proof,

you swore it was the truth...

But I know better.

From the wings strung fishline,

silent trap doors and pulleys.

Your sleight of hand feat.

Big surprise!

But I play the easy mark well,

so I sat there in the dark.

Watching you tell neon lies.

All my life I’ve been noticing rubber knives,

expensive dentistry.

All my life I’ve been noticing safety lines,

trap doors and dummy feet.

You’re not fooling me.

Tell your lies.

Tell your lies.
Track Name: ALL BARK
I know it’s probably pointless,

like arguing religion...

Here comes the cop out!

It’s your patented move man.

We all know how you want it,

but you spend so much time vomiting excuses

you forget that you could have it.

The fact that we both see victims

should not be taken lightly,

but I can’t help it. I’m laughing.

Laughing to think that in your head

you see somebody in the river

as a sucker because you’re still dry.

Man, that’s how he gets to the other side.

Yeah, that’s how you get to the other side!

So bark your armchair theory.

Cast your insults, condescend.

You’re still commanding the fort,

but don’t expect me to defend it anymore.
Track Name: THE SITE
In my dream...

I come upon the sight of cadets digging in the ground.

There’s scraping and explosions and they’re singing.

But my dream is not in sound.

Now I’m spinning, passing windows,

each compartment full of minnows golden brown.

Meanwhile, back on point...

18 compartments up and trying to come down...

Data took a swan dive from the tower of

endless repeating sound.

There was static on the radio...

The soundtrack of that circus leaving town.

Once we leave our birthing nest,

it makes us into something less.

Mom, I’m tired and want to come home.

But...I need...this...

And to my old friends I stick my hand out.

I don’t know why.

To talk me down or pass a pill?

Underwater dreaming...Breathing h2o.

The furniture up on the ceiling.

Walking with our eyes closed.

Oh, you’ve made a perfect mess.

But I don’t need you any less.

It’s not a dream.

It’s not home.
Track Name: HOKA BLAST

I am a blowing fuse constructing sentences to use.

Wearing out the grass...tread a circular path.

I’m your mess, I’m your bruise...

I forget that I’m visible.

Waiting for a cell to split...

To be sure I’m causing it!

I am a blowing fuse.

I finally understand this.

Hoka Hey at last!

I don’t fear the blast...

Do you?
Track Name: AU GRES
Slip the slip in a glass boat, “the sedative”.

Down the channel, headed out to see.

Past the dead stuff washed up on the bank.

The far point calling me.

Ship to shore misinformation.

Not a man as far as I can see.

By the time they decode this dispatch...

The whale will have swallowed me.

Her kisses are carrots so sugary sweet.

I belong to the sea.

Concord whispers... the capital theme:

You can’t fight destiny.

So don’t.
Track Name: BED MAKER

Falling backwards in time.

To back before the blast...

When you were a perfect sphere,

And the blame was not all mine.

Skip ahead to last night.

Truth has it’s consequences,

no one is perfect here,

and the shame is not all mine.

It’s like cancer or amputation...

It’s never the same.

Can’t put the pieces of a fucked up situation

together again.

The white liar is deluded...

You kick the tires, you drive it home.

It’s like cancer or amputation,

it’s never the same once that bed is made.
Track Name: WAITING

Well, I got this plan...

See, I got this plan...

Everyone goes to the beach!

Everyone goes to the beach!

Find a seaside shell for you Natalie.

Everyone goes to the beach.

We’ll lay ourselves on a souvenir towel

in the sunshine, by the seashore.

Sick of waiting! Sick of waiting!!

‘Cuz I got this plan called “We should leave”

Well, I got this plan called “We should leave!”

Find a seaside shell for you Natalie.

Yeah, I got this plan called “We should leave”

‘Cuz we’ve been living underwater...

And I can’t hold our breath anymore!

Sick of waiting! Sick of waiting!

Sick of waiting! Sick of waiting!

Why don’t we crawl to the beach?

Why don’t we crawl to the beach?!

If you’re getting bored just say so. I don’t want to feel like a hostage taker. I don’t want you to feel like a captive, I don’t want you pinning that number on me. If you don’t know, say you don’t know. Say it’s ok only if you mean it. Your hands are free, and your eyes are open so... let’s go! On three...

Oh, I don’t have to be told that a body can freeze when the weather is cold out. I don’t have to have a reason why. Some hearts they vary in degree but not mine, it’s static. Everybody’s always trying to tell you how to live. If you listen to them, then you’ll never know.